Strength training

Programming strength training

Strength training is about developing different strength abilities with resistance (e.g. body weight, various devices or materials). The various strength abilities include maximum strength, strength endurance, speed strength and reactive strength. Different methods of strength training are used, depending on which of the aforementioned strength abilities are to be primarily trained.

Programming strength training

When it comes to the programming it makes sense to look at the characteristics of a training stimulus. The characteristics are essential variables that are used to design the training process in a target-oriented manner. These characteristics include:


  • How high is the stress stimulus?


  • How long is the muscle used?


  • What is the cumulative effect of exertion over a specific time period or exercise?

Load density

  • What is the ratio of stress and recovery?


  • What is the number of trainings within a certain period of time?

Movement quality or movement execution

  • How is the movement performed?

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